"Paul's willingness to work with my requests, suggestions, and experiments make him unique in my experience. His ear is finely attuned and he has the technical ability necessary to get the desired results.

Mastering isn't something most music lovers know much about, but take it from me, it's the last step in making recorded music sound as good as possible. When I listen to my tracks I hear subtle things I'd lost track of in the recording or mixing process.

Paul helped give these things their own "space" in the soundscape, while making sure that the sound of each song compliments the other. What a balancing act! If I do say so myself, the album is fun to listen to, due in no small part to Paul's work."

- Andy Robinson (multi-instrumentalist, composer)

"Paul Abbott makes me look good. Gives me the confidence to work fast and just get in the groove, which gets great tracks."

- Michael Head (Owner, Headtrap Music Studios)

"ZenMastering honors its title; never a worry, a smooth and clean experience, both musically and commercially. I will absolutely be taking my next album to Paul and consider him part of my team. Working with great people is a must. That's why I work with Paul. Great ears, great guy."

- Francesca Valle (Singer-songwriter, owner of BugByte Studios)

"Amazing work you've done to round out the sound. I'm 100% happy. Can't thank you enough."

- Nick Montemarano (Forkroot)

"I've listened to what you sent me on every system imaginable(!), and it sounds really good."

- Simeon Flick (singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist)

"Paul was a complete professional, and truly gave me the rockstar customer experience. He was able to deliver a warm, punchy, and consistent master, while fixing the problems with little interferance to my mixes."

"His commitment to customer satisfaction is unparralled by anyone I have worked with in the industry so far, and I look forward to a continued and successful relationship."

- Ryan Huddleston (Teknix Concepts)

"I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else with any recording."

- Lafe Dutton (Coco and Lafe)

"Just wanted to say that everything sounds AMAZING and thank you for the work you've done on the album!!"

- Joe Brooks (Heavy Glow)

"Thanks again. You're a bodhisattva AND a bro."

- Dave Howard (San Diego's "most covered" songwriter)

"That's it! That was the easiest mastering ever (on my end). Just like the brochure said: clarity, power, detail, impact. You nailed it."

- Steve Denyes (Hullabaloo Kid's Music)

"I collected a number of samples from various engineers, all of them claiming to be the best in the business. After about 30 samples collected from all over the country, you were the only mastering engineer that I wanted to work with."

- Kevin Martinez (Last Year's Dream)

"I LOVE IT!!! It's perfect! The quality is just gorgeous. You're the man."

- Paul Welch (keyboardist for FMera and The English Beat, 2005-2008)

"Hey Paul, just wanted to say a huge thanks for your work on our record. You were able to take our mixes to the next level. I'll definitely be sending more of my tracks your way."

- Anthony "Twon" Ridenhour (The Secret Seven)

"In my opinion, Paul at ZenMastering is the only world-class mastering engineer in San Diego."

- Kyle Thompson (recording and mix engineer, credits include Akon, Unwritten Law, The Modlins, Publicists, Apes of Wrath)

"Paul at ZenMastering did an awesome job on our album. The songs really pop now. He's easy to work with and really knows his stuff."

- Dave Blood (The Experiments)

"Thanks again for everything. I love your work, it was all I had hoped for and I am very happy."

- Mark Schmitt (aka Reverend Stickman)

"I took some time to listen and am blown away. The mixes are clear and accurate. Please do not touch a thing."

- Sergio Palumbo (Anything Audio Productions)

"That's it man! Great freekin' job! It's all warm and tapey now!"

- Jeff Berkley, (Berkley Sound)

"As an independent artist my budget was tight, but when you offered to beat the competition's price it was a no-brainer. I will definitely be back with the next project and have already recommended you to a few other bands who were impressed with your mastering work."

- Jack Pryor (singer-songwriter)

"We compared it to some major label releases and the track really holds its own (it even sounds better than some of the big albums). Your work not only made the song come to life, it added some sonic character which was a very pleasant surprise to us. You can count us among the 'very satisfied', and we will definitely be working together in the future."

- Jose Bordas


- Andrew Kenesie

"You have made the experience very painless. We truly appreciate your work on these tracks, and the final product sounds better than we hoped for."

- Aaron Luke (Moontucky Risin)

"Everything sounds killer! This is exactly what I have envisioned the album to sound like. I want to thank you again for your patience and for coming through with a great sound. Your customer service is unmatched and it is truly appreciated."

- Dan Cease (Six Reasons)

"You have done an amazing job Paul!
We are extremely happy."

- Mike Blumberg (Revolutionary Side Effects)

"The difference is beyond description. Everything stands out beautifully. I hope this is the beginning of a long working relationship."

- Guillermo A Moran-Arreola (composer)

"Paul, you're a genius. The album sounds incredible!
It's perfect."

- Kevin Krogstad (singer-songwriter)

"I just wanted to let you know I think you did an incredible job with the Jim Sonefeld (Hootie and the Blowfish drummer) project. I think it sounds absolutely fantastic! Thank you."

- Francis Dunnery (producer, Jim Sonefeld's Snowman Melting; Aquarian Nation Records)

"The Jim Sonefeld project sounds great, Paul!!! Excellent!
I just spoke with [the producer]...he loves it! Nice job."

- Brett Kull (mix engineer, Jim Sonefeld's Snowman Melting)

"You took care of business!"

- Dave Gladish (The Sofa Kings)

"Great mastering...great customer service."

- Brendan O'Regan (engineer/producer)

"Paul is the most beautiful man we've ever set eyes upon. Our nights have been sleepless, our days spent...also sleepless. The love Hangingbox feels for Mr. PAdiddy cannot be measured by conventional methods — only by witchcraft."

- Jonathan Courtney (Hangingbox)

"It sounds AWESOME! I am really happy with the way it came out. It just sounds so cohesive now—excellent! Once again, thanks for everything. Very satisfied."

- Carlos Savetman (producer, studio owner)

"We think you did an excellent job. We are really happy with the work and we hope to send you stuff in the future."

- Rotny (Buddy Akai)

"Wow! It sounds amazing! I can't believe how much the mixes pop now! I love how there is still dynamic contrast as well. Absolutely perfect! Thanks again for the amazing work and the quick turnaround!"

- T.J. Hill (composer, multi-instrumentalist)

"Thanks for working your magic on my song, you've done an excellent job. I'm really happy with the result! I was lost regarding mastering until I discovered 'Zen'."

- Tejas Barot (composer, producer)

"The album sounds great! You did a great job with the tracks. I see where you get your reputation as a great mastering engineer."

- Rodrigo Espinosa (The Napoleon Complex)

"Thank you so much! I definitely feel that these represent what I was looking for. I played a few of the tracks at a house party this weekend and I have to say that they sounded on par with or superior to the major label releases that were played next to them!"

- David Malachi (composer, producer, musician)

"Wow...well we're definitely happy with the results. The guitar and bass...perfect volume. Vocals...fit right in. Thanks! We'll keep in contact and hope to work with you again. Thanks so much Paul."

- Dillon Santos (drummer, War saW)

"We played the mastered versions to those connected with the group, they were blown away with the quality of your work. Awesome was a frequent adjective used. Sincerest thanks and best wishes."

- Christopher Heaney (musician)

"Just wanted to say that I would recommend your work to anyone who needs quality mastering for their recording project. I look forward to working with you again in the near future."

- Dan Diaz (producer, mixer)

"Paul, thanks so much for everything you did for me. Your turn around was so fast for every change and I always felt like you knew exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for putting in the time."

- Jesse Johnson (singer, songwriter)

"Awesome work on my debut album...gracias a todos."

- Don Soledad (flamenco guitarist, composer)

"I received the reference yesterday and have had a chance to listen. You are a "Pro"! I believe you got what I wanted. You seem to have grasped where my songs need to go, and you put them there. They are clear, warm, and more musical. In summary....."wrap it up, Paul". Great job, and thanks for the quick turnaround."

- Dwight Sirls (composer, instrumentalist)

"Thank you for all the work you put into this. Beautiful. Simply beautiful."

- Arash Haile (aka DJ Shammy Dee)

"You're quite the gifted professional to work with - I really appreciate how "user-friendly" you've made this process."

- Dan Jacobson (percussionist, composer)

"From Belgium with love. I've done test masters in three different continents and you are a cut above the rest. Merci beaucoup for your great work."

- XRey (Brussels, Belgium)

"This sounds absolutely wonderful! You have really made this CD sing. I can't believe how crystal clear it is. Everything has such a warm tone."

- Terry Chism (singer-songwriter)

"I really value good customer service, and you've provided that in spades...when I have additional stuff to master, I know where to go."

- Nathaniel Atcheson (composer)

"I listened to [our CD] the other day and really found a great appreciation for the overall sound...it's both dynamic and full. Thank you so much for all of your work on our record."

- Ryan Collier (Humble B)

"THAT IS IT...CUT AND PRINT!!! Thanks again, Paul, for helping us out with our 'Dream Record'. Nothing could have been better."

- Miles Coleman (vocalist, Vocoder)

"I am extremely impressed with your work. I imported the song into ProTools, made the same cut and fade you did and tried some mastering plug-ins. I definitely could not get the same sound."

- Scott Morvay (owner, Vision Production Studios)

"I was so moved when I heard what you did to the tracks. Such clarity, it sounded more authentic. Everything just fit."

- Geoff Ereth (singer/songwriter)

"My first reaction is 'Wow.' The clarity is wonderful...I heard things I hadn't heard since we performed those pieces 10 years ago. The pieces sound better, and more realistic, than I ever expected. Well, all I can say is I'm glad I found you."

- Chris Lastovicka (composer)

"I've listened to the disc on different systems and in different environments and formats and it really sounds great. I noticed an improvement when the files were converted to mp3 from where they were previously in that format. They seem to hold together better now. It's all excellent. Very top notch work and I'm happy I got it done."

- Marklyn Retzer (guitarist, songwriter, composer)

"I A/B'd your [mastering] against the Vertical Horizon mix and it is very close. Yours actually sounds more open. Thank you for being flexible and willing to put a little more effort and time towards meeting my taste. It truly is appreciated."

- Brian Darnell (composer, guitarist, singer for Red Tuesday)

"I've listened to the songs and I must say they are fantastic. It has truly made the biggest difference. It's amazing how I can record us in houses and apartments, mix for a while and then send our stuff to you and end up with a CD that sounds Kick Awesome."

- Seth Evans (Born Empty)

"I am so pleased with the outcome of this project it is like [it] has been reenergized or new life has been injected into it by the mastering effects so now I can really appreciate what I've done. I really couldn't listen to the un-mastered version anymore...my ears couldn't take it...thank you so much."

- Toko Irie (reggae musician)

"I want to thank you, Paul, for the tremendous effort that you put forth in mastering my first CD project. I was impressed with your attention to detail and patience on the album. So much was learned along the way. And with your guidance, expertise, and knowledge, all of this made the CD sound a hundred times better! Looking forward to having you master future albums."

- Eddie Glorioso (composer, pianist)

"My association with Paul Abbott and ZenMastering has been one of the most productive and satisfying experiences in mastering I have ever had.

Paul has a natural talent for listening to the product and finding the essence of that music. While applying his skills he listens to your input and then takes it a step further by interpreting your wishes into the real world of the final master.

Anyone considering using ZenMastering may rest assured that your music is in the best of hands. His greatest concern is your satisfaction with the final product."

- Randy Cierley-Sterling (producer, engineer, arranger and musician)

Notable Clients

● Punk rock legends Agent Orange

● Hootie & the Blowfish drummer Jim Sonefeld

Justin Young (Colbie Caillat guitarist)

● R.E.M. bassist Mike Mills

● SDMA Music Award winner Steph Johnson

● SDMA Music Award winner Shark Attack

● Award-winning children's music duo Hullabaloo

● So. Cal. roots/reggae band Tribal Seeds