Mastering Costs

As a rule of thumb, we charge $99 for single songs and $75 per song for EPs and albums.

The price of your project depends on a few variables:

» The number of songs in your project.
» Your recording's total playing time.
» Whether or not you need a disc delivered outside the United States.

Example: One song (single) is $99. If you have a 5-song project, multiply 5x$75 to get your total price of $375. 10-song projects are $750, etc.

International shipping of master discs (if required) is a separate fee and are shipped FedEx.

Contact us with the specs of your project and we'll give you an exact quote.

A Word on Value

In today's environment of powerful computers, DAWs, and cheap plugins you may ask whether it's worth it
to go to a professional mastering studio.

In a word, yes.

For about the cost of a "mastering bundle" we offer decades of experience, the world's best analog gear and a trained, objective ear.

If that isn't enough, we're always happy to do a one-minute sample master of your mix so you can decide.

» Read our Tape Op article, An Argument for Specialization, for a big-picture perspective.