Equipment List


Steinberg Wavelab Pro 9.5 (64bit)

RME Fireface UC interface
Cranesong HEDD 192 D/A/D and master clock
Mytek 192 D/A (monitor controller)

Analog processing chain
Dangerous, Maselec, Anamod, Pendulum, Cranesong, have to hear it to believe it. Seriously.

DH Labs T-14 speaker cable
DH Labs BL-1 interconnects
DH Labs Sub-Sonic II subwoofer cable
DH Labs D75 coaxial digital cable
DH Labs D75 word clock digital cable

DH Labs D110 AES/ EBU digital cable
DH Labs TOSLINK optical cable
DH Labs Silver Sonic USB cable

Digital processing/ plug-ins
● Cranesong triode, pentode, and tape
● PSP Neon HR linear phase EQ (64bit)
● PSP Xenon limiter (64bit)

● Voxengo Elephant limiter (64bit)

● Waves Platinum bundle (64bit)

● Waves Center (64bit)

Restoration software
iZotope RX 6
Sonnox DeNoiser/DeClicker/DeBuzzer (64bit)

Sample rate converters
Voxengo R8Brain Pro
● iZotope sample rate conversion

Dither/ noise shaping

Mastering speakers & amps
Lipinski L-707 loudspeakers
Lipinski L-301 monoblock amps with PS Audio A/C cables
Bowers & Wilkins ASW 700 subwoofers
Audeze EL-8 (open back headphones)

Alternate "real-world" playback (accessible in 3 rooms)
Sony STRDH590 home theater system
SVS Prime Sattelite home theater speakers
Bose Solo 5 soundbar
Bose QuietComfort 15 noise-cancelling headphones
Apple earbuds

Digital playback
● Sony UBP-UX80 Universal Disc Player (CD, DVD Audio, SACD)
● Panasonic SV-3700 DAT
Plextor PlexWriter Premium CD burners, connected by DH Labs Silver Sonic USB cable.

Analog playback
PRO-JECT RM-1.3 turntable with Musical Fidelity V-LPS
● Sherwood DD-980-T (Dolby B/C/S & HX Pro)

● RME Digicheck
X-ISM Inter-sampling Meter

Disc error-check/verification
● PlexTools Professional XL
● Plextor PlexUTILITIES

Room acoustics
● Phonic PAA
● Auralex Wave6 and T'Fusor diffusors

● Monster HTS 1000 MKIII "Stage 2 Clean Power" surge protectors.
Sowden Softbrew coffee maker

The Room

Paul Abbott in ZenMastering main studio

A balanced, neutral listening/ working environment is the critical element that guarantees your mastered mixes translate successfully in the "outside" world. Attaining it is not easy.

From a perspective of acoustics, it starts with a good physical space...which means a high ceiling and geometrical asymmetry to avoid standing waves.

From there the fine-tuning of speaker placement, alignment, and absorption/ diffusion play a key role in accurate perception.

We've utilized many of the industry's best tools and techniques to make the ZenMastering workspace as accurate as possible. The result is a linear listening experience that allows us to make extremely accurate decisions.