Mastering for CD

We hit the perfect balance of competitively loud and musically dynamic, with a focus always on clarity and sonic integrity. Here's a breakdown of what's involved in the process:

  • » Transfer finished mixes to mastering workstation
    » Equalize and dynamically enhance tracks with our custom analog mastering console
    » Edit and sequence (in/out fades, cross-fades, assemble song order)
    » Bit/sample rate files (if required)
    » Dither/noise shape
    » Encode ISRC, UPC/EAN, and CD Text information (if provided)
    » Deliver reference tracks (or audio files or secure DDP) for client approval
    » Deliver one red book-compatible audio CD-R (or DDP, by request) with corresponding PQ log and CD quality verification

Mastering for iTunes

Mastered for iTunesWhile compressed/encoded audio formats don't have the same fidelity as uncompressed digital audio, Apple's iTunes encoding platform now accepts high-res. masters, and the company has outlined some common sense standards to maximize sound quality.

We endorse the Mastered for iTunes initiative, and integrate its technical guidelines for our mastering.

     Note: Not all indie aggregation facilities accept 24-bit masters for encoding, so if you're interested in the true MfiT experience, check with the facility you plan to use first. We're happy to deliver whatever you need.

Mastering for Vinyl

The music industry has seen a resurgence in vinyl over the past few years, and many musicians are making short-run pressings to supplement their digital offerings. Our mastering process is optimized for this.

If you're interested in pressing vinyl, let us know at the beginning of your project. We can also give some good recommendations for high-quality pressing plants with good reputations.

CD Text & CDDB

We encode CD Text on all our client's red book master discs. However, this is different from CDDB information that online music services use to identify songs when a disc is placed in a computer with Internet access.

It is the artist's responsibility to register CDDB information with Gracenote.

It is also the artist/label's responsibility to obtain and supply UPC/EAN and ISRC codes if they would like ZenMastering to encode that information in their album.

Feel free to contact ZenMastering with any technical questions you have about mastering your project.